We are a 501 (c)(4) not for profit organization of Labrador Retriever enthusiasts.  We are   licensed by the American Kennel Club, and a member of the Master National Retriever Club. RCLRC dogs

Our membership includes a vast range of involvement in the world of purebred Labradors; from families with a single companion dog and a casual interest in Labrador sporting events, to hobby competitors, occasional breeders, weekend sportsmen and hunters, to full-time professional breeders, event competitors, and trainers.  

We invite everyone with a genuine interest in the Labrador Retriever to get to know the Rose City Labrador Retriever Club.  We hope that visitors to this site will find it interesting and informative, and we welcome the opportunity to answer our visitors' questions or requests for information.

Labradors Only Come in Three Colors!

We are members of the National Labrador Retriever Club and support the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc LRC Lab Colors "Only 3 Colors" effort.

We encourage those who are interested in the future of the Labrador retriever to read The Issue of the Silver "Labrador" by Frances O Smith, DVM, PhD. Chair, Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. Genetics Committee. (Note - this is a PDF document)

Upcoming Events
Note the new entry in the LINKS section to the article from the Tufts University Vetnutrition team about the link between Canine Heart disease and grain free and other boutique diets.
March meeting:
Friday March 24
7:00 PM
at Allison Rogers Home and Zoom.
April 29, 2023
Location: Ghoststone Farms
See B-Match page
Eye Clinic
April 30, 2023
Location: Ghoststone Farms
Contact Udo Starck for details
May 6 - Training Day at
Cathy Hakola's farm
2349 Lincoln Creek Road, Rochester, WA
May 21st - Heart Clinic at
Location: Ghoststone Farms
Contact: Becky -
or Judy -